Santa Monica Fire Station #1 is a new fire station planned for the Santa Monica Fire Department, located on 7th Street between Santa Monica Blvd. and Arizona Ave. in Downtown Santa Monica. The 45,000 GSF project comprises apparatus bays and other functional spaces at ground level, with firefighter day rooms and dormitories above, and one level of below-grade parking underneath. Features include a lobby with commissioned art and a historic rig, a community room, and day rooms including dining, training, and gym facilities.

Rob W. Quigley provided design services. 


A complete structural model for this project was prepared by the engineer of record, Thornton Tomasetti. Morley used the structural design model as the basis for a concrete construction model and also built out an architectural model to use in conjunction with it. These models were used to develop a detailed understanding of the complex structural system, which included structural concrete, shotcrete, masonry, structural steel, metal deck, and wood framing. It was also used for quantity surveys for these trades. However, the greatest utility of the models was for 4-dimensional scheduling (see below).

4-Dimensional Scheduling

4-dimensional scheduling is a process by which a 3-dimensional building information model is intelligently linked to a traditional CPM schedule - the fourth dimension is time. Using a tool called Synchro PRO, Morley conducted an in-depth 4D planning and scheduling review of the Fire Station. This platform allows for visualization of the project construction, model element by model element. It can be used both to see what the construction will look like at any moment in time and to see a complete animation of the entire construction process, with a user-determined time increment (see examples below). This graphical interface is an incredibly powerful communication tool for all project stakeholders, allowing for a much more intuitive understanding of the project plan in a much shorter amount of time.